Ibnu Hashim
Do you guys agree with me if I say that we live in the world of deception? Read on…

I just surfed a blog which claimed that the blasphemy caricature against Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was somehow being faked out by additional 3 more caricatures? (all together now is 15) It was said that Imam Ahmad Abu Ladan of Denmark made up the story, they said that he somehow found that caricature out of nowhere in the internet and then claimed it was published in the Danish Newspaper. It was also said that the Imam claimed received the additional 3 caricatures from fellow muslims but refused to expose their names (it was claimed that that 3 caricatures were also been published by the same newspaper). It was said that the Imam just did that on purpose and just to gain attention. Guess what? That blog got many comments which support it ..the word goes on.

Phew…simple logical thinking, if that so, then what in the world that in this issue of the caricature of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. the alleged Danish Newspaper never mentioned about this?? Why the hell that the Danish Embassy here, in our own country (and many other countries too) issue press statement regarding of this issue but never to address of this so call additional 3 caricatures??

Can’t they just say that “Hey! It’s a lie! We didn’t publish it!” “Our Newspaper didn’t do that!” Please show me the article with that caricatures” or may be “Give us the date of the Publication of such so that we can check it out” .. Come on man, we are talking about printing material…and that printing material is a NEWSPAPER..surely you have some sort of archive or what, finding it won’t be that hard! So why they didn’t complaint about that “lies”? Who’s lying here? Blab bla blah!

Well, to me, it's just another deviation of the real issue here. They just create 'something' and then change the real issue into another issue (which is not correct at all). Remember WTC in New York? The 11th Sept? There's a theory saying that it was the CIA who planned it just to make it as a license to invade Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc...AL-Qaeda won;t have the capabilities to do that!
Come on! Focus on the real issue! Let them play their own game!!

Say no more.. Think it for yourself!

p/s: I won’t publish the url of that blog or webpage here. Sorry, I don’t wanna spread lies.
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