Ibnu Hashim
Yesterdays’ Prime time news in local TV, house buyers had expressed their grievances towards housing developers for failing to complete the house they bought years ago. In one case the buyers have been waiting to the completion of their house for the last 20 years!! Some of the buyers are now had already passed away leaving behind their widows and children longing for the house. They have to endure of paying the loan of the incomplete house to bank plus house rental at the same time. Most of the buyers are from low-income workers and having to service the housing loan and rental is really hard for them to cope with.

I support to the motion by several NGOs urging the Government to impose the ‘built and sell’ policy. The developer can only start to sell their housing projects to potential buyers only when they had completed the construction of that said housing project. That includes the issuance of C.F by local authority and that the house is readily available to be occupied. This somehow will protect the buyers’ interest and secure their properties. But to date, the motion is still not accepted. I perceive that it is just to protect the developer rather than the people. “Implementing this policy will slow down our nation’s development project” , that what they said.

I still go for the ‘built and sell’ policy. It may be a disadvantage to few (short period of time as they’ll get used to it), but benefits thousand others. It will also determine that only qualified and financially secured developers are involves in this business. What happen now is that some of the developers do not have enough money to run their housing project, so they sell it first to potential buyers and use that money to finance their projects. The risk will be put onto the buyers and not to them. In case they can’t cope up with it, they just abandon their project and start anew at another sites with new housing projects, leaving behind the buyers to suffer.

I also wonder, what would our Jawatankuasa Fatwa say about this kind of ‘muamalat’ ? Have they issued any decree of such or not? If no, then when? I think they should shed some light here because it involves muslims and most of the lower income group of this country are muslims. (sad to say..but fact is fact)
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