Ibnu Hashim
Today, NST appologised to all muslims regarding of the cartoon that mocked Rasulullah s.a.w.

Though I've vowed not to read NST, but to this issue, I have to read this column in NST of the said appology that was offered by NST.

Hmm...sadly after reading it..I don't think that they regret of doing it, I don;t even think that they unaware of the sensitivity of such cartoon to all muslims. Reading it making me feel like to puke! Such arrogant remarks made by them! It was just like "Well, since that you said that I'm wrong, then I appologised to you all even though that I was not wrong at all"... I REALLY REALLY NOT SATISFIED WITH THIS!!! *%*&^(*^(^*)(

To my shock, my PM said it's all now settled since that they had appologised! I don't know what make him feel satisfy with NST style of expressing their appology to all of us the Muslims.. He satisfied!!! Unbelievable!!!! - NST is their mouthpiece, remember that!

I've lost my words..u read here and see for yourself, just here click click
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