Ibnu Hashim
I just watched the prime news at 8 of TV3, what I'd like to comment here is about the interview that was done between TV3 and an Ex Account Department Director of a Hotel located somewhere in Bukit Bintang.

She claimed that she was forced to unveil her head scarf or resign if she want to retain her position there, as a result, she resigned. She had been working there quite some time and all those years she had to take off her tudung when arrived at the hotel. She started to call it enough is enough after returning from her Haj pilgrimage to Makkah recently.

I just don't know how long that we can stand of such insults and discrimination towards our own failth in this world, be it locally nor abroad. We are now indeed being attack continously by Kafirun as well as Munafiqun! Now that we are still holding the executive power of this country and yet things like this still happens in this beloved country..Imagine if this country is govern by Kafirun! Na'uzubillah!

I can still remember a similar case happened in Perak few years back, a Muslimah had to resign her job when she refused to take off her Purdah to work. She challenged her ex-employer in court..She lost the case.

Another, 3 siblings at a primary school was suspended from school because they wear turban to school... Not to mention the cries of our sisters from Indonesia working as maids here, being abused by their non muslims employers to eat pork, bathing their dogs, restraint them from performing the daily prayers....bla bla bla..(there are good employers too). Can't just the government step in here? Can't they just warn the Hotel management (foreigner) to respect Islam as our country's official religion? Can't they just made rules and regulations that muslimah maid cannot work with non muslims employer ? Or may be rules to protect the dignity of our sisters that working with them? Is it that hard?

How long can we stand such provocations!?...How many more incidence that they want to test us!???
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