Ibnu Hashim

Remember the story of how PlayBoy magazine tried to get its clearance to publish its Pornographic Magazine in Indonesia? They tried to make it 'acceptable' by not publishing any nude photos into that Mag! Can you take it? You think they serious about it? I doubt it! Luckily the Government had turned down their request!

However, I got this cover page of that magazine of the 'Indonesian version of Playboy Magazine'. It is "THE FIRST EDITION OF INDONESIAN PLAYBOY MAGAZINE"! Well, what do you think? If you were the President Of Republic Of Indonesia, is it acceptable?Will you allow this Magazine to be sold on the street of your beloved country??...it's a joke of course!

Anyhow, I support the Indonesian government decision on not letting this kind of magazine to be sold on Muslim soil! (Are you still smiling? I do! hahahaha!)
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