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Photo: AFP, Farooq Naem - Pakistan

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Photo: AP, Garth Stead - Cape Town

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Protestors in Bandung set ablaze of a Danish Flag, photo AFP,

Protestors in Suleimania, Iraq, Photo by Shwan Mohammed, AFP

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Ken Livingstone was suspended for comparing Jewish reporter to Nazi cencentration camp guard.

"Three members of a body that no one has ever elected should not be able to overturn the votes of millions of Londoners," the mayor said.

Freedom of speech huh? Only if you insults, attack, mock the Muslims!

Source: By Alan Cowell The New York Times
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Flemming Rose, cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten
Ibnu Hashim
Ibnu Hashim
Today, NST appologised to all muslims regarding of the cartoon that mocked Rasulullah s.a.w.

Though I've vowed not to read NST, but to this issue, I have to read this column in NST of the said appology that was offered by NST.

Hmm...sadly after reading it..I don't think that they regret of doing it, I don;t even think that they unaware of the sensitivity of such cartoon to all muslims. Reading it making me feel like to puke! Such arrogant remarks made by them! It was just like "Well, since that you said that I'm wrong, then I appologised to you all even though that I was not wrong at all"... I REALLY REALLY NOT SATISFIED WITH THIS!!! *%*&^(*^(^*)(

To my shock, my PM said it's all now settled since that they had appologised! I don't know what make him feel satisfy with NST style of expressing their appology to all of us the Muslims.. He satisfied!!! Unbelievable!!!! - NST is their mouthpiece, remember that!

I've lost my words..u read here and see for yourself, just here click click
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Today as I can see that the government is taking its action by calling the editor and get the explaination from them in writing, a show cause letter in three days time!

At least now I can see that they're taking this matter seriously. Alhamdulillah..I hope they'll act accordingly without bias...
Ibnu Hashim

Hok ni aku amik kat web PPIM, klik kat tajuk atas tu untuk ke galeri PPIM... dan klik pada gambar untuk gambar yang lebih besar dan jelas..

Macam manalahhh solat kita selama bertahun tahun lama dahulu...Bacaan Al-Qur'an kita, selawat kita...zikrullah kita...

Aku teringat seorang al-Ustaz masa aku bergelar student dulu mencemuh mereka yang masih menggunakan Kayu Sugi untuk memberus gigi mereka, katanya "apa dok pakai kayu tu lagi...sekarang ni macam macam dah ada dah..yang Darkie pun dah jadi Darlie dah..." lebih kurang macam tu aku ingat kata-katanya...walaupun aku ni pelupa, tapi kata katanya yang menghiris hati tu masih aku ingat...

Bukanlah aku menggunakan kayu sugi tu pun masa tu, tapi RESPEK lah pada mereka yang mengamalkannya atas dasar SUNNAH Nabi s.a.w.

Nah sekarang nih, peristiwa tu dah berlalu hampir 20 tahun yang lalu, tetapi natijah dan pengajarannya ditunjukkan sekarang ini..Mungkin juga itu kekuatan yang diberikan kepada mereka yang dipilih olehNya dan mereka terselamat daripada terkena perkara-perkara yang haram tersebut.

Memanglah dari segi hukum Feqah, kita dimaafkan sebab tak tahu, tapi dari segi batinnya pasti memberi kesan.. Wallahu'alam.
Ibnu Hashim
Here is an article published in PPIM website, Click here

NST 'retaliate' here click click , read on and see how arrogant this guy is...

He even re-published the cartoon..What make him so Bold? Somebody's behind him? The Government got share in NST....they keep silent when it come to $$$$....??? Na'uzubillah..

I don't read or buy NST anymore..the least I can do O Allah... :(
Ibnu Hashim
According to the alliance of Western Liberals and some of the ‘Moslem’ Moderates: the Muslims should confine themselves to peaceful demonstrations, regardless of the level of abuse hurled at them, because, the secular West is licensed to abuse, and their agents are armed with the deadly weapon of - freedom of expression. Remember, how Bush and Blair constantly talked about exporting this freedom to Iraq. No wonder they had to use brute force, as no sane persons will willingly submit to an idea that gives others an open license to hurl insults at them. Those who resisted ended up in places like, Abu-Ghraib. The recent publishing of the diabolical and sickening pictures from Abu-Ghraib reconfirmed the freedom-inquisition; they were forced to taste the freedom culture, as they did not convert willingly.

Flemming Rose, the cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten (JP) also corroborates that same position, the West is licensed to abuse under the pretext of freedom of expression, he said: “In a secular society, Muslims have to live with the fact of being ridiculed, scoffed at and made to look ridiculous.” But why only the Muslims, why not ridicule, scoff and abuse other communities by applying the same principle of freedom of expression. Will JP and their supporters, dare print derogatory cartoons about the Blacks, Jews, Asians, Irish, Holocaust victims, the disabled, the mentally handicapped etc? Unlikely, as they have already refused to publish pictures that offend Christians and Jews.

It seems the West considers only the Muslims to be suitable for target practice, using their weapon of freedom of expression; certainly it is very fashionable to show allegiance to this war on ‘terror’ (Islam), by engaging in such acts. But, can the Muslims also freely exercise their freedom of expression, using the West as the target? Of course they cannot, the secular West argue that issuing fatwas (not that one is required in this case as the Islamic verdict is obvious) and calling for retaliation (Jihad) is incitement to violence. It is hypocrisy to turn a blind eye to the initial provocation whilst lecturing the victims of free speech, about inciting violence.

If inciting violence contravenes freedom of expression (free speech), then let us remember, it was the West that used free speech dishonestly (as they lied) to incite the attack on Iraq; the WMD-lies coupled with the complicit media cover-up led to the murdering of 100,000 plus civilians. This incitement to violence continues against Syria, Iran and other opponents. There are extreme right-wing personalities and groups that are openly calling for violence against Muslims, remember that demonisation always precedes genocide. Now, we are expected to accept glorification of imperialistic wars but not ‘terrorism’ (legitimate resistance), meaning, they can incite and inflict violence, while we must only resort to peaceful protests. Concisely, ‘free’ speech for Muslims is like what Henry Ford said: "You can have a car any colour you like as long as it is black”.

Leaving aside Western hypocrisy, it is about time that Muslims recognise their share of insulting the Prophet (SAW), by proactively flouting and mocking the Islamic laws and values. Here we are particularly referring to the governments, as opposed to the individuals, because it is the state that has the power to shape society by implementing Islamic laws and values. To build their Islamic credentials amongst the masses, the Saudis and Libyans recalled their ambassadors over the Danish cartoon incident. If the reason was genuine, then they would have also reacted in a similar manner against the US, which has printed similar offensive materials, not to mention the constant foul mouthing from its fanatical TV-evangelists and other personalities like the modern day Julius Streicher, Daniel Pipes. He is a pro-Zionist Jew that operates under the cloak of his American identity. Daniel Pipes has a pipe dream of annihilating the Muslims, like it was done to the Native Americans. He certainly can exercise his free speech to do that, none of that constitutes incitement to violence!

Where was voice of the Saudi governments in condemning Abu-Ghraib, Fallujah and the use of chemical weapons against Iraqis? While challenging tiny Denmark, it continues to cooperate with the US in shedding the blood of the Muslims. For decades, the Saudis and other Arab regimes helped the US to kill over 500,000 Iraqi children by aiding the economic sanctions. This is the real insult to the Prophet (SAW), as He said the blood of the Muslims is more precious than the Kaba (Mosque in Makkah) and its surrounding.

Inside Saudi Arabia, the non-Saudi Muslims are subjected to overt racism, especially those from the poorer parts of the Muslim world; all this clearly defiles the teachings of the Prophet (SAW). The wealthy, sheikhs and rulers donate money to the ‘poor’ West whilst at home they build more palaces, shopping complexes and hotels to promote prostitution in the guise of tourism. After this, they give out some small change to the Islamic movements and government scholars to pacify their voices, but nobody can silence the voices of the mothers and children crying for food and security from Timbuktu to Kashmir to Bandar Ache. Another example of mocking the Islamic laws is the Turkish government forbidding Muslim women from wearing the Khimar (Head scarf). What an irony to see the leader of Turkey praying to that same God (Creator) after the earthquake and after flouting the laws of that same God (Creator).

Many of the moderates are perplexed by the passionate response from the Muslims and they are embarrassed by the protests. The explanation is simple, if you love something, you will feel passionate when it is violated. If you love your parents you will feel passionate about them getting insulted. Likewise, one will feel passionate about the violation of the honour of the Prophet (SAW), if one really loves the Prophet (SAW). In the UK, the moderates lined up to condemn the demonstration organised by the former members of Al-Muhajiroun, even before they condemned the Danish cartoons. Their brain cells did not register, that they could have used the media’s outrage at the demonstration to make the pertinent point about offending other people, under the guise of free speech.
We may differ with some of the placards in any demonstration but that is irrelevant, instead they should have pointed out that they are also exercising their right of free speech. Even some non-Muslims fully supported their rights to demonstrate, under the same banner of free speech. If the moderates had the courage they could have even gone on the offensive by citing the numerous offensive placards and adverts portraying crass nudity around us day and night. But then, if they could do that, they would not be moderates in the first place!

Selling out other Muslims labelled as radicals has always been the fastest response from the moderates, thinking that it would save them from the wrath of the West. Well, the Danish cartoonists were not provoked by radical Muslims nor were the cartoons aimed exclusive at radicals. They attacked the core values of Islam, therefore aimed to attack all Muslims, moderate and radicals alike. Have the moderates already forgotten that, the Serbs never distinguished between the radical and moderates in Bosnia, nor does the Israelis or the US forces in Iraq.

Let us remind the moderates of an old story, a wolf approached a herd of cows, the moderate black cows requested the wolf to prey on the extremist white cows. When there were no white cows left, the wolf came looking for the black cows. The black cows signed their death warrant the day they sold their brothers to the wolf, as opposed to take a unified stance against the wolf. Remember, the Muslim rulers in Spain who behaved in a similar by aligning with the Christians, they ultimately suffered the same fate as the black cows. Only a fool would fail to see the common thread running between the Danish cartoons, Abu-Ghraib, Camp-X-ray, Massacre in Fallujah – it is a war on Islam. What was the motivation behind the Danish paper to publish those materials other than an extension of the war on terror?

One of the demonstrators in Pakistan said: “we do not allow defamation of any prophet or any religion”. This is a real example of mutual tolerance, and really sums up the feelings of the Muslims. For sure, it is cowardly, obscene and undignified by any standards, to abuse a man who is dead and therefore, unable to respond. The Muslims must resist going down on their four limbs by hurling similar types of insults, such actions would be ineffective anyway, as those without any shame, honour and dignity cannot be insulted.

Yamin Zakaria
London, UK
Copyright © 2006 by Yamin Zakaria
Ibnu Hashim
As to date..no news i found in most of the local mainstream newspapers about the previous blog - "And now...what are we going to say..or do? " (Not so sure bout Tv's). Is this company untouchable? It is about our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. It's about the most perfect being, the messenger of Allah..a rasulullah... Everyday we (muslims) say his name in our prayers... Why is it YOU keep silent about it?? Hadhari kah begini? NST lebih utama dari maruah Rasulullah??
Then what is the manifestation of your 'quick' action on Sarawak Tribune and Guang Ming? Just to win votes????

Sesungguhnya Allah berselawat ke atas NabiNya..Wahai orang orang yang beriman, berselawatlah kamu ke atas Nabi mu, dengan ucapan salam selawat yang sempurna... ya rasulullah....

Ibnu Hashim
I just watched the prime news at 8 of TV3, what I'd like to comment here is about the interview that was done between TV3 and an Ex Account Department Director of a Hotel located somewhere in Bukit Bintang.

She claimed that she was forced to unveil her head scarf or resign if she want to retain her position there, as a result, she resigned. She had been working there quite some time and all those years she had to take off her tudung when arrived at the hotel. She started to call it enough is enough after returning from her Haj pilgrimage to Makkah recently.

I just don't know how long that we can stand of such insults and discrimination towards our own failth in this world, be it locally nor abroad. We are now indeed being attack continously by Kafirun as well as Munafiqun! Now that we are still holding the executive power of this country and yet things like this still happens in this beloved country..Imagine if this country is govern by Kafirun! Na'uzubillah!

I can still remember a similar case happened in Perak few years back, a Muslimah had to resign her job when she refused to take off her Purdah to work. She challenged her ex-employer in court..She lost the case.

Another, 3 siblings at a primary school was suspended from school because they wear turban to school... Not to mention the cries of our sisters from Indonesia working as maids here, being abused by their non muslims employers to eat pork, bathing their dogs, restraint them from performing the daily prayers....bla bla bla..(there are good employers too). Can't just the government step in here? Can't they just warn the Hotel management (foreigner) to respect Islam as our country's official religion? Can't they just made rules and regulations that muslimah maid cannot work with non muslims employer ? Or may be rules to protect the dignity of our sisters that working with them? Is it that hard?

How long can we stand such provocations!?...How many more incidence that they want to test us!???
Ibnu Hashim
Looks like it'll never end! And now, it happens right under our nose..our own newspaper... The New Straits Times was reported to have posted a cartoon that is a mockery to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Pemuda PAS, NGOs like PPIM and other had lodged police report on this matter. Lets see how is this going to be handled by the government. The newspaper belongs to them, Islam Hadhari team... Sarawak Tribune was suspended (finally was closed on their own will) and Guang Ming (Chinese Press) was also suspended...and Now...The New Straits Times, their own newspaper!
I tried to check on our online national dailies including Harian Metro but i couldn't find any column reporting this issue.. are they now turned Mute?

What should we do now? It's a shame to us since we have been complaining to the Danish embassy thru emails saying this and that and suddenly, Our OWN local newspaper, OWNED by the government, did the same thing..only this time..a mockery of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

However, i found the stories here and here
Ibnu Hashim
Benjamin Disraeli was partially right - there are lies (e.g. alleged murder of six million Jews by the Nazis), damn lies (e.g. Iraq’s WMDs) and statistics (unknown deaths of Arabs/Muslims versus the known deaths of Westerners/Israelis). He forgot the worst lies of all - the obscene lies of hypocrites. So the phrase should read like this: there are four types of lies: - lies, damn lies, obscene lies, and statistics.

Those offended by my reference to holocaust (or holohoax) should see it as an example of free speech and understand that; - nobody likes to be at the receiving end of someone else’s free speech! If you cannot tolerate being at the receiving end than do not expect others to tolerate being put in that position.
Certainly, do not expect to dictate terms of reprisal to them after putting them in that position.

The West and Israel is screaming about the cartoons that have started to emerge from the Muslims on the holocaust issue. Yes, we have seen this before, scream about the ‘suicide’ bombers, while dropping much larger bombs on their cities. So everyone is asking: why we can’t scrutinise the holocaust? Why is it so sacred? Why can’t this be subjected to the free speech test? What makes the Jews so sacred but not the Prophet of Islam (SAW) or the Prophet of Christians? Is this all because the Jews are a chosen people and the rest of us are gentiles (Goyeem), therefore expendable? Jyllands-Posten (JP) refused to publish drawings lampooning Prophet Jesus (AS) on the basis that it would offend Christians (and rightly so!). This is clear proof of their awareness of religious sensitivities and damming evidence that they mocked Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to cause offence to the Muslims. Also, the editor of Jyllands-Posten, Fleming Rose, who originally published the "offensive" Muslim cartoons, is a disciple of the American Julius Streicher (a leading Nazi ideologue) - Daniel Pipes. No surprise there! The jigsaw pieces fit perfectly.

This explains why they will not entertain any similar cartoons on the holocaust issue. The Danish newspaper’s claim that publishing the satirical cartoons was a test of free-speech is based on double standards, and proven to be an obscene lie. The motive was to offend a particular community i.e. Muslims. Clearly one can smell the stench emanating from the rotten Danish bacon as they issue a token apology and spin new excuses to suppress the smell. Like the person not bathing for weeks or the one lacking toilet-hygiene skills, then uses an expensive perfume, but it cannot contain the real stench. Indeed, only someone possessing the traits and the ‘morality’ of a pig would mock a man who is dead and unable to answer the charges, a man who has over one billion followers!

Therefore, the Danish cartoonist and their ilk are not only cowards by their nature but they also resemble their Danish Bacon (pig) in other ways. I am not referring to their sexual freedom that is making them closer to the species on four legs as they gradually remove the traditional taboos inherited from Christianity. They resemble the pigs as many of them do not know the identity of their fathers, even if they knew them, they were never loved by them. As a result they do not understand why it is wrong to hurt the feeling of someone else by insulting their father; especially if the father was innocent, caring and has passed way. So, unlike those pigs, we know the identity of the father, grandfather, great-grandfather of Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (SAW) and this goes for the vast majority of the Muslim community (Ummah)!

Only Arab Cartoons but no Israeli Cartoons!

Some are attempting to justify the Danish cartoons by equating the political cartoons that appear in the Arab media. Political cartoons appear in all societies as form of expression of their political views related to a certain reality. They are quick to cite Arab cartoons without making any references to the Israeli cartoons or the constant anti-Islamic, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim cartoons and the massive propaganda in the western media on a far larger scale. The political cartoons exhibited by both sides, they have no relationship with the deliberate mocking of Prophet of Islam or any other Prophets. After the initial criticism of Europe by the US (which was largely a pay back for the criticism it received on the Iraq war) over this issue, they took the opportunity to have a swipe at the voiceless Muslims. Accordingly, the White House spokesperson, Scott McClellan, said:

“We would ... urge people who are criticizing these cartoons to speak out forcefully against all forms of hate speech, including cartoons and articles throughout parts of the Arab world which frequently espouse anti-Semitic and anti-Christian views”

The so-called anti-Semitic cartoons in the Arab press are not the cartoons of Julius Streicher. The Arab cartoons have to be examined in the context of the Israeli cartoons and the routine anti-Arab, anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim cartoon that appears in the gigantic western media daily. This is the sort of one-sided, superficial view emanating from the heart of the White House shows that the US has a real problem. The ignorance and naiveté is not just amongst the ordinary Americans but it is deep within the White House. It is easy to criticise the voiceless Muslims, and if the US had their way, they would like to make us mute and plant the flag of free speech and democracy, over our dead bodies. This is why they contemplated bombing Al-Jazeera, setting new standards on free press, free speech!Furthermore, Jews have a disproportionate influence within the mass media of the West, thus enabling them to propagate their constant tirades against Islam and Muslims and at the same time through subtle means, they even spread anti-Christian propaganda. To cite the Arab cartoons, against the vast propaganda machine of the West just sums up the stupidity, the chutzpah of the American regime. It is not a battle between David and Goliath but David and Goliaths.

This is like the obese Americans with their oil guzzling cars, telling the rest of the world not to consume too much oil, so that it does not affect the American way of life. As for the anti-Christian view in the Arab world, is even more absurd. How many Muslims have publicly defamed Prophet Jesus (AS) or any of the other Biblical Prophets which the Muslims also believe in and have deep respect for? Real anti-Christian views have come from within the West, secular fanatics and Jews using the secular garb have been the ones to ridicule and mock Prophet Jesus (AS). If the anti-Christian view is made synonymous with the anti-Western feelings, that is due to the US foreign policies, wars and carnage that it is responsible for in the Islamic world.

On the subject of hate speech, one only needs to refer to Fox-TV, the main stream media, people like Jerry Fallwell, Pat Robertson, Daniel Pipes, and Thomas Friedman. A recent survey shows that the US masses have a very casual attitude towards ‘nuking’ the Middle East. Killing hundreds or thousands does not bother their conscience, I suppose if they killed a few like those ‘terrorists’ that would be outrageous! Well, there may be some extremists amongst Muslims, but for sure, moderates are scarce in the West! Remember, it is easy to lecture the victims about hate and anger while you are actually killing them, destroying their community.

Final Thoughts

The cartoon-gate affair in Denmark highlights more about European fears of Islam and Muslims than it does about attitudes of Muslims. The fear is shaped by the liberal fanaticism, capitalist greed, imperialism, racism, arrogance, all fused with the prejudices inherited from the dark ages. This relationship with the dark ages has certainly been demonstrated by these crass cartoons, that has no scholarly or intellectual foundation (by definition).

However, we are not dealing with the medieval West, but one that is supposed to be enlightened, scientifically and technologically advanced, militarily and economically powerful, yet the West is reluctant to confront Islam intellectually. The likelihood is that they are unable to, thus they have resorted to the constant abuse of Islam and Muslims in one form or another. The cartoon incident is just one recent incident amongst many. For sure, more insults will follow in the future.

After Abu-Ghraib, Fallujah and the rapes and murder, after the desecration of Mosques and Al - Quran and now after this cartoon-gate affair, who can still remember the slogan of Bush and Blair, as they launched their assaults on Afghanistan and Iraq? Do you remember how they lined up the secularists (with ‘moslem’ names) behind them, claiming that it was not a “war on Islam” but a war on some extremists?! How many munafiqs (moderates) still believe in that? In part three, we will examine the Muslim response, from the moderates to the radicals.

Yamin Zakaria (www.iiop.org)London, UKCopyright © 2006 by Yamin Zakaria

p/s:1. This is the 2nd part, you may access the sites by clicking the Subject above.
2. The writer has granted me the permission for me to publish his writings here in my blog.
Ibnu Hashim

PARA PERSATUAN SUKARELA DAN PARA PEJUANG KEADILAN yang prihatin dengan perjuangan kemanusian dan keadilan sejagat agar tidak lagi membeli UBAT GIGI COLGATE sehingga COLGATE belajar menghormati pengguna.

Kita renung antara fakta-fakta berikut:-
COLGATE adalah sebuah syarikat yang TIDAK PRIHATIN kepada sensitiviti umat Islam.

Sejak bertapak di Malaysia lebih 40 tahun lalu, ia tidak pernah mendapatkan atau berusaha untuk memperolehi sijil Halal JAKIM bagi menjaga hati para pengguna Islam atau menyatakan yang produk mereka HALAL; Tanpa sijil halal ini sejak begitu lama dan tanpa sebarang tanda Halal di kotak ubat gigi tersebut, wajar dan patutkah kita menganggap Colgate sebagai Halal sedangkan Colgate sendiripun tidak mendakwa ianya halal atau ditanda sebagai HALAL;

COLGATE begitu angkuh sehingga tidak menghiraukan pertanyaan PPIM dan orang ramai atau mengambil langkah untuk memberi sebarang keyakinan secara pro aktif kepada masyarakat Islam terhadap status halal produk mereka hingga ke hari ini; Ia dibuat di Thailand yang mana juga menyokong ekonomi Thailand yang terbukti melakukan penganiayaan kepada penduduk Selatan Thailand (PPIM telah melancarkan BOIKOT COLGATE sebagai bantahan kepada pembunuhan kejam rakyat Islam di Selatan Thailand); Puluhan atau ratusan juta telah dibelanjakan oleh syarikat ini untuk pengiklanan tetapi kenapa tidak ada peruntukan kewangan untuk menjaga hati masyarakat Islam, contohnya mendapatkan sijil halal daripada JAKIM. Kos untuk mendapatkan sijil halal kurang RM 1,000 sahaja. Bukankah ini satu penghinaan besar di sebuah Negara yang agama rasminya Islam; Sehingga kini Colgate enggan bekerjasama dengan PPIM untuk membuktikan sijil halal Thailand yang didakwanya ada serta membuktikan bahawa produk-produknya HALAL. Apa pula status produk Colgate di pasaran yang datang daripada China, Vietnam dan Amerika? Siapakah yang memberi jaminan ini? Bush...?

Janganlah kita berurusan dan menyokong syarikat yang menghina dan tidak menghormati umat Islam. Kita sokonglah produk-produk daripada syarikat yang bertanggungjawab dan prihatin terhadap keperluan masyarakat Islam setiap kali kita membeli; Kita bersatulah dalam memboikot Ubat Gigi Colgate serta menghantar isyarat jelas bahawa para pengguna Islam akan bersatu memulau produk yang tidak menghormati keperluan dan kepentingan umat Islam. BERSATU KITA SEHATI SEJIWA sebarkan nota ini kepada seramai mungkin rakan dan taulan sebagai satu perjuangan melawan keangkuhan serta menunjukkan bantahan kepada syarikat multi-nasional yang tidak menghormati serta mempermainkan para pengguna Islam sejak sekian lama. Cuba buat kali ini , kita buktikan bahawa kita pengguna juga MEMPUNYAI KEKUATAN JIKA BERSATU. Kita hantar isyarat jelas, para pengguna tidak mengira Islam atau bukan Islam tidak rela ditipu secara berterusan. Kita mahu mereka lebih prihatin dan bertanggungjawab. “ BOIKOT PRODUK HINA PENGGUNA ”
Ibnu Hashim
“Vehement hatred has already come into the open from out of their (belligerent enemies) mouths but what their hearts conceal is yet worse” (Quran 3:118)

“The lies (Western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped round this man (Muhammad) are disgraceful to ourselves only.” (Thomas Carlyle)

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” (Hamlet, William Shakespeare)
A tiny nation like Denmark would not antagonise a population of over one billion, unless it knew that it can do it with impunity. Earlier, the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, refused to meet the ambassadors of eleven Muslim countries regarding the offensive cartoons published by Jyllands-Posten. Thus, the Danish government knowingly allowed the publishing of the offensive materials, with total disregard for their Muslims citizens at home and the Muslims abroad. The criminal act was initiated by Denmark without provocation; it constituted declaring war on Islam and Muslims. They deserve a response of war accordingly, burning of the embassies in Syria, Lebanon, Indonesia are signs that future responses will be through deeds as well as words.

The Muslims, disunited and weak, lacking economic and military power emboldened the Danish to insult Islam and Muslims. Also, Islam continues to spread in the heart of Europe, despite the constant vicious media campaign, and unable to confront Islam intellectually, it has built up considerable frustration. Thus, Denmark and some of the other militant European nations have resorted to primitive vulgar criticism, in line with their crude porn-culture. Many have argued that mocking and insulting others is part of European values, licensed by free speech. Indeed, one can see this daily, in the semi-porno tabloid papers to the broadsheet. The challenge for the Muslims is: how they can elevate these Europeans, so that a civilised dialogue can take place. Listed below, the key arguments are analysed.

Is the cartoon issue one of freedom of expression (free speech)?

If the Danish newspaper had insulted the blacks or some other community, they would have been instantly vilified as racists. If they mocked homosexuals they would have been attacked for being homophobic. The mere mentioning of these sacred words: “Jews”, “Israel” or the “Holocaust” leads to facing the anti-Semitism inquisition! Before insulting others, the Danish newspaper should have led by example by ridiculing the founder of Protestant Christianity, Martin Luther (who was rabid anti-Semite as he hated Jews and Arabs), as Lutheran Christianity is the state religion of Denmark.

Under the guise of free speech, would the Danish paper dare to publish satirical cartoons of the Holocaust and the Jews. Is the bankrupt concept of free speech restricted only to abusing, offending and vilifying Muslims and Islam? This is the same Danish newspaper that refused to print the offensive pictures of Jesus last year (Rightly so! – Islam condemns the vilification of any Prophets or Religion). So once again confirming that vilifying Islam and Muslims is almost the exclusive test for freedom of expression, and this is the only definition of ‘freedom’ of expression that makes any sense. However, no one is honest enough to admit to this definition, even though, this is what they practice. ‘Freedom’ of expression in reality a one-way traffic lane but the Muslims are expected to see it as a two-way lane! If the trend continues, the Muslims will be expected to view Camp-X-Ray as a symbol of human rights and Abu-Ghraib as some kind of deviant sexual emancipation and bombing cities as liberation!

If the West truly believes in freedom of expression for all, then they should apply it consistently or not at all. If the Danish newspapers have the right to mock the Prophet (SAW), then by the same criteria of free speech, they should accept the right of the Muslims to express and call for the execution of those responsible. Before anyone moans about incitement to violence, they should remember that there would be no incitement, if there was no provocation. Why focus on the effect, instead of the cause? Indeed, why do you start a fight by throwing a punch and then complain that you got kicked in the groin in retaliation. The reality of so-called free speech is this: the West wants to award themselves with a full license to abuse Islam and Muslims, whilst curbing the Muslim responses.

If freedom of expression gives you the right to insult the Prophet of Islam, then that should extend to everyone, if we are all equal. In that case why the West have libel laws and censorships? Is it because, their ‘free’ speech permits them to vilify foreigners, particularly those who have passed away. Yet, when their loved ones are mocked, they cannot tolerate it, they file libel cases in court, and simultaneously they demand tolerance from the Muslims while hurling abuse and insults at them. This duplicitous hypocrisy is a constant theme in the Western psyche; only the West and their allies can have nuclear weapons, the right to Veto in the Security Council, bomb countries inflicting endless collateral damages, using any pretexts.

Who is violating whose sovereignty?

Another response has been that publishing the cartoons is a demonstration of Danish sovereignty and they should not be dictated to by the Muslims. The Muslims have never complained about the Danish way of life, nor have they demanded that they are to be ruled by Islam. Publishing such offensive materials served only one purpose: to abuse Islam and Muslims, it had no relationship to their way of life. Denmark initiated an act of aggression against others using the fig leaf of free speech and sovereignty. If upholding their sovereignty was an issue, they should have thought twice about being part of a coalition that has invaded sovereign Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reversing Roles

One of the cartoons showed Prophet Mohammed (SAW) wearing a turban, shaped as a bomb with a lit fuse. Stereotyping Muslims as terrorists is a classic example of the media reversing the roles; portraying the victims as terrorists and the real terrorists (state terrorists) as victims. So their media projects the rage of the victims as manifestation of intolerance and fanaticism: in contrast, the initial unprovoked attack by the aggressor is depicted as a virtue. Be it the free speech issue in Denmark to the invasion of Iraq by the US, the principle is the same, reverse the roles.

Accordingly, the Palestinians are always depicted as terrorists, only if they could exchange their Semtex for cruise missiles and cluster bombs that would make all the difference. Perhaps if they killed the same number of Israelis as the Palestinians who have been killed, that would make them peaceful like the Israelis! Even better, if they managed to expel the Jews back to Europe (who should be the ones providing them with compensation and a homeland), it would make the Palestinians more like the Europeans! One wonders if some of these ‘journalists’ and politicians in the West are born as racist bigots and fanatics, unable to understand the basic concept of natural justice.
The Muslims in retaliation could have depicted Jesus as an F16 fighter pilot dropping bombs on cities, each one of those bombs labelled with “freedom”, “democracy”, “Christianity” etc. But the Muslims cannot, as they revere Prophet Jesus more than Christians do. The Christians are really tolerant towards the mocking of Prophet Jesus, while they could not show a fraction of that tolerance in their history, towards other religions (especially Islam). Furthermore, why mock someone who is innocent and who is dead, unable to defend himself, such an act by nature is morally bankrupt, abhorrent and obscene to say the least!

The virgin factor again

Another cartoon, placed the Prophet (SAW) at the gates of heaven shouting to suicide bombers "Stop, stop. We have run out of virgins!" We as Muslims can empathise that Danish men are deprived of virgins, as it is a rare commodity in their society, where it is a social crime and not a virtue. Perhaps this is why they run off to the Far East, to purchase the poor young men, women and children, to obviously practice their freedom upon! Think about this next time you open your mouth on women’s rights to lecture the Muslims. Real shortage of virgin has led to frustration and envy of the Islamic world, where virgins are plentiful and the norm; ‘suicide’ bombers do not need to get to paradise or run to the Far East seeking virgins.

The response of the Muslims

The Muslims to the contrary are happy to engage in an open civilized debate not trade insults by hiding behind free speech. There is no Islamic literature where volumes of information containing lies and vulgar profanities targeted against other faiths. Even the awful medieval crusades did not lead to such materials emerging in the Islamic world and that is true even to this day. Islam has great resilience; it has stood many tests of time and continues to remain strong to this day. History and current reality proves that the West are only capable of containing Islam through the annihilation of Muslims e.g. Spain, Bosnia, Sicily etc. but never through intellectual dialogue!
Now the question is apart from economic boycotts and political protests, how to respond to insults. Insults are below the belt, akin to a beast on its four legs biting at our ankle. Should we go down on our four limbs and respond in kind? Nope, instead we should find ways to restrain the beast with a chain around its neck, then attempt to tame it, so that it can live with others on this Planet. Alternatively, after chaining the beast, we too can proceed to exercise our freedom on it, so that the beast gets a taste of its own medicine and thus restrains itself. However, the readers need to contemplate the following points to get a glimpse of how the Muslims would have responded if they had the mentality of those Danish and other European people that published the cartoons.

The Muslims could have made satirical cartons of Danish men and women fornicating openly like the beasts in the jungle, reflecting their crass culture of porn and Viking heritage. We all know that porn is a Scandinavian ‘delicacy’, shared also by the French, Germans and Italians, some have even allowed paedophiles to operate their websites in those places. The Muslims could also have drawn cartoons exhibiting a Danish child trying to identify his or her father standing in a line, as part of some new Danish TV game show. We could have coined the term: “a nation of Bastards” based on the statistics of huge number of children (30% to 50%) in the West born out of wedlock and it is increasing. Given the recent pictures from Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and the cartoons are all corroborative evidences of that bastard nature!

The Muslims could have also used the label, “a nation of pimps” as the flesh trade is flourishing in European countries, in most places women can be purchased less than the price of Danish Bacon. The Muslims could have referred to the Pig like promiscuous behaviour of those Danes using the old saying, “you are what you eat” as it is the only animal that does not fight for its mate when another pig approaches it! Either way everyone can smell and see the bacon walking on two legs; they are allegedly either exhibiting their freedom and/or demonstrating their Viking heritage. Muslims are forbidden from consuming swine, but many must be considering at this moment that they “could murder a Danish” … pastry of course! In time we will use these swine (Danish Bacon and other European Bacon) to clean their own faeces, something that the animal is known for.

Yamin Zakaria (www.iiop.org)London, UK
Ibnu Hashim

Bahagian Sayuran

Yang mana satu?

Banyak pilihan... Ikan-ikan segar sedia dijual...

Ibnu Hashim
Lanjutan daripada blog Pasar Borong Selangor yang lepas, lawatan telah dibuat sekali lagi untuk mengumpul maklumat untuk disalurkan kepada pihak berwajib. Gambar-gambar di bawah ini telah diambil dan dimajukan ke pihak yang berkenaan. Berbanding dengan gerai yang menjual ayam, mereka menyertakan sekali sijil halal dan peniaganya pun orang Islam. Tapi penjual daging Kambing ni hanya catit di board mereka tanda halal tanpa mempamerkan sijil. Apapun, gerai yang papan tandanya warna hijau ini ketika lawatan ianya ditutup, manakala yang disebelahnya iaitu papan tanda warna kuning masih buka.
TUnggu je lah nanti apa cerita di sebalik ini...

Ditanggung halal, siap logo, tapi sijil halal
tak nampak pun...

Ditanggung Halal? Sapa yang nak tanggung nih?

Meragukan...Penjualnya Bukan Islam. Jaminan
ditanggung Halal pun ditulis sendiri tanpa ada logo.
Sijil Halal pun tidak kedapatan. Siap gantung
'azimat' dia lagi pulak tu...

Orang ramai tak perasan ker?
Ibnu Hashim
My Big Brother sent me this tips on NOKIA phone quite some time ago, if not mistaken, it was October 2005. Most of the code here works on my phone.. try em' all!

Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) - Your phone uses the best sound quality but talk time is reduced my approx. 5%

Deactivate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR)

Activate Half Rate Codec - Your phone uses a lower quality sound but you should gain approx 30% more Talk Time.

Deactivate Half Rate Codec.

Displays your phones software version, 1st Line : Software Version, 2nd Line : Software Release Date, 3rd Line : Compression Type.

Phones software version if *#0000# does not work.

For checking the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI Number).

Provider Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols).

Network Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols).

Country Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols).

SIM Card Lock Status. (use the "*" button to obtain the "p,w" and "+" symbols).

*#147# (vodafone)
this lets you know who called you last.

Last call (Only vodofone).

Allows you to check the number that "All Calls" are diverted to.

Displays security code in use.

Lets you see the private number.

Allows you to check the "Call Waiting" status of your phone.

Allows you to check the number that "On No Reply" calls are diverted to.

Allows you to check the number that "Divert If Unreachable (no service)" calls are diverted to.

Allows you to check the number that "On Busy Calls" are diverted to.

Removes operator logo on 3310 & 3330.

Reset phone timers and game scores.

Displays the SIM Clock status, if your phone supports this power saving feature "SIM Clock Stop Allowed", it means you will get the best standby time possible.

Manufactures code.

Restore factory settings.

Software version for the nokia 8110.

Displays - 1.Serial Number, 2.Date Made, 3.Purchase Date, 4.Date of last repair (0000 for no repairs), 5.Transfer User Data. To exit this mode you need to switch your phone off then on again.

Deactivate the PWM-Mem.

Turn on "All Calls" diverting to the phone number entered.

Turn on "No Reply" diverting to the phone number entered.

Turn on "On Busy" diverting to the phone number entered.

This is the default security code.

press and hold # Lets you switch between lines.
Ibnu Hashim
I received an sms from Celcom with this message “Celcom Valentine’s Day Special: Watch Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical @ Istana budaya on Feb 14. Show this SMS & get 30% Off. …….bla bla bla…”

Mmmm..sad thing to learn how my childhood ‘hero’ Hang Tuah is now being portrayed not as a warrior but rather just as a passionate lover! I even got that message above to watch the theater on Valentine Day!! Why I said my childhood hero? Is because when I was a boy, a kampong boy, I was sent to learn Malay Self Defense art – silat. My guru always tell us about this ancient heroic Malay warrior -Hang Tuah during the Sultanate era of Malacca. But to my memory, never did he mention any ‘love affair’ or any mushy mushy stories of him. At that time, I wanna be as powerful as Hang Tuah..ehehehe..(hey! he was my idol what!) Most of the stories were about his bravery, a cunning plotter at battles, loyal to his Sultan and his powerful mystical power. But again, that was then…and now..???

Now Hang Tuah is nobody but a womanizer.. In the PGL the movie was also the same. In that movie he is always seems like a sad, moody and having internal conflict within himself. I believe, most of us read Hikayat Hang Tuah, if not mistaken I’ve read that book 3 times! Is that how Hang Tuah was described in that book??

I read the advertisement on PGLtm few days back, the newspaper adds showed few snapshots of the said theater. The photos shown in the newspaper, to me, mostly were under category 18sx (so I won’t attach it here). May be not to few of us, but it is to me. In one of the photo, ‘Hang Tuah’ was seen on his kneel embracing the hip of ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ which is naked shoulder up. And another shot, Hang Tuah was seing kissing the PGL forehead (she was smiling).

The photo of the Majapahit Emperor, played by AC Mizal is seen with ‘tattoo’ on his shoulder! I never did know the Javanese tattooed themselves?? Any Javanese out there can clarify this to me? There’s another character at the back of the Emperor also having an even larger tattoo on his body!! (See photo) I don’t wanna describe more as I’ve never watched this theater, I don’t think I will either. So let me just commented of those photos insertion in the newspaper only.

What I know, during the era of Sultanate of Malacca, Islam is being upheld by Malaccan people. All I know, Malacca was one of the hubs of Islamic propagation in Tanah Melayu and Nusantara. With such Islamic value, and together with Malay culture, I don’t think that Hang Tuah freely to mix around with women, let alone the princess!!! Don’t you think it’s a mockery of him to portray him as what PGLtm is doing? I can still remember reading a book of this warrior Hang Tuah, the writer of the book even have a theory that this Hang Tuah was not only a warrior but he was also a ‘wali’ and that’s explain all of his mystical powers! (sorry I don’t remember the title of that book, that was a long time ago). What I’m trying to say here, Hang Tuah lived in a strict community, socializing between man and woman was not freely and restricted. He lived in the era whereby Islam was upheld accordingly and that Islamic Law was the supreme law. With that, you think he’ll act like that ‘Hang Tuah’ on stage? Mmm….

Only what I can say, getting involved in theatre/acting giving you a license to do things you cannot do in real life. it surpassed all boundaries and values and even religion. Playing a role in the theater, making it ‘it’s ok’ for one’s wife to be kissed by another man and nobody even bother not even the said ‘thousands’ of spectators watching the play to complaint – the husband of the actress..I don’t know. When you are on the stage, it is ok for you to hold the hand of someone else’s wife, because it wasn’t real! Just simply an act..

Can you imagine if that ‘Hang Tuah’ kissing that PGL forehead in real life? What would people say? But I guess, on stage, is ok for you to do it simply because “it’s wasn’t real, it was just an act!”.

O! Datuk Hang Tuah, “Tak Melayu Hilang Di Dunia” you said, but O Datuk Hang Tuah, do you know that “Hang Tuah Melayu Sudah Hilang Di Dunia ?”. Hikayat Hang Tuah

p/s: We are now still hot with the issue of blasphemy against Rasulullah s.a.w. cartoon caricature. We all stood up together to defend him. That’s good, it’s a manifestation of our love towards him. But what about his teachings?? He came here as a messenger, and as a messenger, he had already relayed us the MESSAGES!!..He left us the Al-Qur'an and Al-Hadith didnt he? If we really love him, do as he say, and leave as what he forbids us!! That's the ultimate manifestation that we truly loves him- Have you guys sent your protest email to Danish Embassy? Send: kulamb@um.dk
Ibnu Hashim
Regarding of the blog i made before regarding of Ban Danish Products, here is the updates from Muslimconsumer for our reference. Note that the red comment is on my own, the blue is the salient points i noted and the rest is from the original email from muslim consumer website:

Some Famous Denmark Brands and companies are following:

Famous Denmark Companies:

Famous Denmark Brands:

1) Chewing gum (???? ?????? ? ??????? ? ??????) :Gumlink Company under a lot of trade names such as:
Cadbury chocolate
Lion chocolate bar
Schweppes Beverage
7UP Beverage
Canada Dry Beverage
Snapple Juice
Fertin Pharma

2) Beef Meat: Danish Crown

3) Emulsifiers, stabilizers,flavorings, sweeteners: Danisco

4) Non alcoholic Beer: Carlsberg (Ada ker? Dengar nama Calsberg pun dah loya!)

5) One of the most infant formula brand in Malaysia ?
Dumex - is owned byInternational Nutrition Company (INC), Copenhagen, Denmark, a subsidiary of theEast Asiatic Company Limited (EAC) a Danish international group of businesseswith its offices in Singapore.
Dumex manufacturing for Singapore, Brunei,Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and ?Indochina? is concentrated in Malaysia, but its products are also marketed in some Middle Eastern countries, Africa,Europe.

Arla Foods Company is the biggest exporter of dairy products to Muslim countries, under trade names such as:

Danu Brand
Milex Brand
Puck Cheese
Three Cows Brand
Rosenborg Brand
Lurpak Butter

6) Medicine:
Novo Nordisk,

7) Electronics and Technology :
GN Store Nord,
Bang & Olufsen;
Nielsen &Nielsen,

8) Toys: The famous bard (Brand) LEGO

9) Porcelain, glass and silver Products: Royal Scandinavia

10) Lightings and lamps: Louis Poulsen

11) Agriculture: Cheminova

12) Hotel: Radisson SAS

In addition, to detect the products of Denmark, you should check the barcode on the product. The Barcode GSI prefix [first three numbers in barcode] for Denmark is as follows: 570-579 GS1 Denmark

For example the following barcode is of one of the product ofDenmark:
5 78016691670 [first three numbers 578 showing it is a product of Denmark].

Apart from the Danish products, Muslim Consumer Association would like to announce the boycott of the 5 other multinational companies.

These capitalistmonsters are currently being boycotted by many Muslim communities in Europe for their hostile attitude towards Islam and affiliation with the Zionists. They are:

1. Coca-Cola
2. Halls
3. St Micheal
4. Colgate
5. Caterpillar


Visit muslim Consumer website here
Ibnu Hashim

Remember the story of how PlayBoy magazine tried to get its clearance to publish its Pornographic Magazine in Indonesia? They tried to make it 'acceptable' by not publishing any nude photos into that Mag! Can you take it? You think they serious about it? I doubt it! Luckily the Government had turned down their request!

However, I got this cover page of that magazine of the 'Indonesian version of Playboy Magazine'. It is "THE FIRST EDITION OF INDONESIAN PLAYBOY MAGAZINE"! Well, what do you think? If you were the President Of Republic Of Indonesia, is it acceptable?Will you allow this Magazine to be sold on the street of your beloved country??...it's a joke of course!

Anyhow, I support the Indonesian government decision on not letting this kind of magazine to be sold on Muslim soil! (Are you still smiling? I do! hahahaha!)
Ibnu Hashim
These are some of the webpages which I recommended to us all to visit. Just click on the link below:

1. Webpage Allaahuakbar.net (informative and nice page - recommended fully)
2. Webpage Islaam.org
3. Webpage Usc.Edu

Just to list down a few. Go on and read on there, at least to remind us of those Historical moments/history in Islam that happened in the Month of Muharram and why are we doing it? What is the authority of doing it? We need to know all of these despite of just to follow without knowledge. Wallahua'lam (God knows best)
Ibnu Hashim
I received an sms from my niece wishing and reminding me of ‘Awal Muharram’ which took place here in our country yesterday! I must admit that I didn’t realize about it until I read her sms this morning! (my phone was on silent mode!). However, I’d like to list down here things that we can still do on this month of Muharram. To my niece Su, thank you!

The following are some of the desirable acts one should do on the day of Ashurah:

1. To observe fast on this day.
2. To give as much charity as you can afford.
3. To perform Nafl Salat prayers.
4. To recite Surah Ikhlas 1000 times.
5. To visit and be in the company of pious Ulema.
6. To place a hand of affection on an orphan’s head.
7. To give generously to one’s relatives.
8. To put surma in one’s eyes.
9. To take a bath.
10. To cut one’s nails.
11. To visit the sick.
12. To establish friendly ties with one’s enemies.
13. To recite Dua-e- Ashurah
14. To visit the shrines of Awliyas and the graves of Muslims.

Source: mrc.org.uk
Ibnu Hashim
Dato’ Rais Yatim in today’s Newspaper said that “penutupan penerbitan akhbar Utusan Melayu Mingguan seharusnya dipandang sebagai satu kematian kepada warisan bangsa kerana tulisan jawi adalah satu pusaka warisan bangsa yang telah menjadi skrip rasmi dan lidah Melayu selama lebih 600 tahun “ (Read more..)

This remark was made by him in conjunction with the termination of Utusan Melayu Mingguan last weekend (Jawi Newspaper). – Jawi is malay’s alphabets derived from Arabic Alphabets with few additional alphabets- Malay version – Jawi.

Well, I just wanna say that it is indeed true what Tun Mahathir Mohamad had said about Malay, he said “Melayu Mudah Lupa” or Malay easily forgets!!

I wonder if he forgotten who had abolished Jawi Subject out from our School Syllabus? It was them who took it out and make the Malays ‘not so well’ with Jawi (Lucky we can still read it because we learn to read Al-Qur’an which is in Arabic). How can we really ‘feel’ the importance of Jawi if we don’t even know how to read it properly? As for me, though I can read the Qur’an. But Jawi is not that easy for me to read. I do remember learning the Jawi alphabets back then in school but I just managed to learn it only a year when I was at standard 6. Then there was no more Jawi classes being taught at School.

It’s about time that Ministry of Education to reintroduce this subject to schools. It must be added as one of the syllabus to all Government School to ensure the survival of Jawi. So when more people can read Jawi, more people will buy Jawi’s written Newspaper, ie Utusan Melayu.

Alas! I do worry bout this matter!
Ibnu Hashim
Do you guys agree with me if I say that we live in the world of deception? Read on…

I just surfed a blog which claimed that the blasphemy caricature against Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was somehow being faked out by additional 3 more caricatures? (all together now is 15) It was said that Imam Ahmad Abu Ladan of Denmark made up the story, they said that he somehow found that caricature out of nowhere in the internet and then claimed it was published in the Danish Newspaper. It was also said that the Imam claimed received the additional 3 caricatures from fellow muslims but refused to expose their names (it was claimed that that 3 caricatures were also been published by the same newspaper). It was said that the Imam just did that on purpose and just to gain attention. Guess what? That blog got many comments which support it ..the word goes on.

Phew…simple logical thinking, if that so, then what in the world that in this issue of the caricature of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. the alleged Danish Newspaper never mentioned about this?? Why the hell that the Danish Embassy here, in our own country (and many other countries too) issue press statement regarding of this issue but never to address of this so call additional 3 caricatures??

Can’t they just say that “Hey! It’s a lie! We didn’t publish it!” “Our Newspaper didn’t do that!” Please show me the article with that caricatures” or may be “Give us the date of the Publication of such so that we can check it out” .. Come on man, we are talking about printing material…and that printing material is a NEWSPAPER..surely you have some sort of archive or what, finding it won’t be that hard! So why they didn’t complaint about that “lies”? Who’s lying here? Blab bla blah!

Well, to me, it's just another deviation of the real issue here. They just create 'something' and then change the real issue into another issue (which is not correct at all). Remember WTC in New York? The 11th Sept? There's a theory saying that it was the CIA who planned it just to make it as a license to invade Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc...AL-Qaeda won;t have the capabilities to do that!
Come on! Focus on the real issue! Let them play their own game!!

Say no more.. Think it for yourself!

p/s: I won’t publish the url of that blog or webpage here. Sorry, I don’t wanna spread lies.
Ibnu Hashim
Yesterdays’ Prime time news in local TV, house buyers had expressed their grievances towards housing developers for failing to complete the house they bought years ago. In one case the buyers have been waiting to the completion of their house for the last 20 years!! Some of the buyers are now had already passed away leaving behind their widows and children longing for the house. They have to endure of paying the loan of the incomplete house to bank plus house rental at the same time. Most of the buyers are from low-income workers and having to service the housing loan and rental is really hard for them to cope with.

I support to the motion by several NGOs urging the Government to impose the ‘built and sell’ policy. The developer can only start to sell their housing projects to potential buyers only when they had completed the construction of that said housing project. That includes the issuance of C.F by local authority and that the house is readily available to be occupied. This somehow will protect the buyers’ interest and secure their properties. But to date, the motion is still not accepted. I perceive that it is just to protect the developer rather than the people. “Implementing this policy will slow down our nation’s development project” , that what they said.

I still go for the ‘built and sell’ policy. It may be a disadvantage to few (short period of time as they’ll get used to it), but benefits thousand others. It will also determine that only qualified and financially secured developers are involves in this business. What happen now is that some of the developers do not have enough money to run their housing project, so they sell it first to potential buyers and use that money to finance their projects. The risk will be put onto the buyers and not to them. In case they can’t cope up with it, they just abandon their project and start anew at another sites with new housing projects, leaving behind the buyers to suffer.

I also wonder, what would our Jawatankuasa Fatwa say about this kind of ‘muamalat’ ? Have they issued any decree of such or not? If no, then when? I think they should shed some light here because it involves muslims and most of the lower income group of this country are muslims. (sad to say..but fact is fact)
Ibnu Hashim
A friend of mine asked me to include this into my blog. He even includes copies of his emails sent to the bank. He had sent about 5 emails to the bank but no responses at all. In the last email, he copied it to Bank Negara Malaysia, (he didn’t forward me the BNM email) and then the story goes. However, I have omitted his personal data from the email:

Azhar, today I received a call from Affin Bank Berhad regarding of my Credit Card.. Well, actually I already gave up and intended to cancel my Affin credit card. The stories started when I moved out from Penang to Selangor to this new house. So I sent emails to Affin Bank requesting them to updates my data especially my billing address on the 17 December 2005, guess what..!? That emails were left unattended!! Then I sent another on 5th Jan 2006, still no response. I got so fed-up! At first I sent it to the complaint section of Affin bank.

Later only I found out that there is a special dedicated email address for card services that is
cardservices@affinbank.com.my . So this time, I decided may be because of my language, then I sent them email in ENGLISH! The third email was sent on 14th Jan 2006 The same result happened, nobody returned my email or call me. The fourth email I sent on 16 Jan 2006, no reply. Last email was sent on the 18th Jan 2006, this was the last email and this time I even copied to Bank Negara Malaysia.

It was the Bank Negara Malaysia that responded to my complaints. As far as I can remember, I only sent (copy actually) only 1 email to BNM and yet they responded to my problem. The email was sent on the 25 Jan 2006. Only on 27 Jan 2006, an email was sent to me by Affin Bank saying that my complaint is under investigation, nothing to mention of my request to change of address .

I’d like to express my gratitude to Bank Negara Malaysia staff who took this matter seriously, on the 27 Jan, I received a mail from BNM signed by Siti Aishah Hashim b/p Pengarah Jabatan Pengawalan Bank.

nice guy <
-deleted-> wrote:
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 01:35:59 -0800 (PST)From: nice guy <
-deleted->Subject: : bayaran tahunan To: cardservices@affinbank.com.my CC: complaint@affinbank.com.my, info@bnm.gov.my





nice guy <-deleted-> wrote:
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 05:23:54 -0800 (PST)From: nice guy <
-deleted->Subject: Fwd: bayaran tahunanTo: cardservices@affinbank.com.my


nice guy <-deleted-> wrote: Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 00:43:00 -0800 (PST)From: nice guy <-deleted->Subject: Fwd: bayaran tahunanTo: cardservices@affinbank.com.my Below is a forwarded emails which was sent to affinbank thru the stipulated email adds. Kindly please take action and inform me the outcome.
I\'d like also to declare my change of address which is:



nice guy <-deleted-> wrote: Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 05:31:39 -0800 (PST)From: nice guy <-deleted->Subject: Fwd: bayaran tahunan To: complaint@affinbank.com.my

Sehingga kini saya masih menantikan jawapan daripada pihak tuan, mohon supaya perkara ini mendapat penjelasan daripada pihak tuan secepat mungkin. Mohon maaf sekiranya perkara ini mengganggu dan mengambil masa emas tuan/puan.",



nice guy <-deleted-> wrote:
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 00:43:00 -0800 (PST)From: nice guy
-deleted-> Subject: Fwd: bayaran tahunanTo: cardservices@affinbank.com.my

Below is a forwarded emails which was sent to affinbank thru the stipulated email adds. Kindly please take action and inform me the outcome.

I'd like also to declare my change of address which is:




nice guy <
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Sehingga kini saya masih menantikan jawapan daripada pihak tuan, mohon supaya perkara ini mendapat penjelasan daripada pihak tuan secepat mungkin. Mohon maaf sekiranya perkara ini mengganggu dan mengambil masa emas tuan/puan.
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Tuan, Pada tahun 2002 saya telah ditawarkan untuk menggunakan Kad Touch & Go dan saya telah menerimanya. Sehubungan dengan itu, pada tahun 2003, saya telah dimaklumkan bahawa saya diberikan pelepasan daripada Yuran Tahunan kad kredit tersebut iaitu berjumlah RM50 setahun. Namun begitu, bil pada hujung tahun 2003, saya telah dibilkan yuran tahunan tersebut dan saya telah membuat pengaduan berkenaan dengan hal itu kepada pihak tuan. Atas jasa baik pihak Affin Kredit Kad, bil tersebut telah ditarik balik dan amoun tersebut ditolak daripada bil saya pada bulan berikutnya. Pada tahun 2004, sekali lagi saya telah dicajkan yuran tersebut dan sekali lagi saya terpaksa menjelaskan kepada pihak tuan akan hal yang berkenaan. Setelah beberapa kali email dan panggilan dibuat, akhirnya ianya dikeluarkan daripada bil saya pada bulan yang berikutnya.",

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Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 07:42:28 -0800 (PST)From: nice guy <-deleted-> Subject: bayaran tahunanTo: complaint@affinbank.com.my


Pada tahun 2002 saya telah ditawarkan untuk menggunakan Kad Touch & Go dan saya telah menerimanya. Sehubungan dengan itu, pada tahun 2003, saya telah dimaklumkan bahawa saya diberikan pelepasan daripada Yuran Tahunan kad kredit tersebut iaitu berjumlah RM50 setahun.

Namun begitu, bil pada hujung tahun 2003, saya telah dibilkan yuran tahunan tersebut dan saya telah membuat pengaduan berkenaan dengan hal itu kepada pihak tuan. Atas jasa baik pihak Affin Kredit Kad, bil tersebut telah ditarik balik dan amoun tersebut ditolak daripada bil saya pada bulan berikutnya.

Pada tahun 2004, sekali lagi saya telah dicajkan yuran tersebut dan sekali lagi saya terpaksa menjelaskan kepada pihak tuan akan hal yang berkenaan. Setelah beberapa kali email dan panggilan dibuat, akhirnya ianya dikeluarkan daripada bil saya pada bulan yang berikutnya.
Pada tahun ini, 2005, saya sekali lagi telah dibilkan akan yuran tahunan ini. Saya tidak tahu sampai bilakah ianya akan berakhir? Adakah pihak Affin mengharapkan supaya saya terlepas pandang dan terus membuat pembayaran tersebut begitu sahaja sedangkan saya dimaklumkan pada tahun 2003 bahwa saya dikecualikan terus daripada membayar yuran tahunan itu. Adakah saya perlu membuat panggilan dan email kepada\n pihak Affin pada setiap tahun memohon ikhsan untuk tidak membuat pembayaran tahunan itu? Saya berharap supaya perkara ini diambil perhatian serius daripada pihak tuan supaya ianya tidak berulang lagi. Saya juga menggesa supaya pihak Affin mengadakan system pembayaran mudah melalui mesin supaya memudahkan pelanggan seperti saya untuk membuat pembayaran selepas waktu kerja atau waktu hujung minggu. Saya dapati agak sukar untuk membuat pembayaran kepada kad kredit saya ini dan terpaksa beratur panjang. Penggunaan mesin deposit sepertimana bank-bank lainnya memudahkan saya dan orang seperti saya berurusan membayar bil kredit kad kami. Mohon supaya keluhan dan saranan saya ini diambil perhatian untuk kebaikan bersama.. Sekian, terima kasih."

Pada tahun ini, 2005, saya sekali lagi telah dibilkan akan yuran tahunan ini. Saya tidak tahu sampai bilakah ianya akan berakhir? Adakah pihak Affin mengharapkan supaya saya terlepas pandang dan terus membuat pembayaran tersebut begitu sahaja sedangkan saya dimaklumkan pada tahun 2003 bahwa saya dikecualikan terus daripada membayar yuran tahunan itu. Adakah saya perlu membuat panggilan dan email kepada pihak Affin pada setiap tahun memohon ikhsan untuk tidak membuat pembayaran tahunan itu?

Saya berharap supaya perkara ini diambil perhatian serius daripada pihak tuan supaya ianya tidak berulang lagi. Saya juga menggesa supaya pihak Affin mengadakan system pembayaran mudah melalui mesin supaya memudahkan pelanggan seperti saya untuk membuat pembayaran selepas waktu kerja atau waktu hujung minggu. Saya dapati agak sukar untuk membuat pembayaran kepada kad kredit saya ini dan terpaksa beratur panjang. Penggunaan mesin deposit sepertimana bank-bank lainnya memudahkan saya dan orang seperti saya berurusan membayar bil kredit kad kami. Mohon supaya keluhan dan saranan saya ini diambil perhatian untuk kebaikan bersama..

Sekian, terima kasih.


p/s: I told him, may be you should've called the bank instead of waiting for their response thru email. He just said, "I'm their customer, they should come to me and not the other way around" ...mmmmm..everything got it own price and you have to pay for it! - Jangan marah ar kawan! ;P
Ibnu Hashim
Still about the insulting incident of a caricature depicting Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., I wonder where is our WOMAN CHAMPION in Islam who always stands tall questioning various things and actions of Islamic affair here in Malaysia??? Are they too busy drafting the proposal to give the Power of talaq to women or they are just too busy to find ways to give ‘justice’ to women by giving a ‘fair’ share in Harta Pusaka? (Fair according to their head, say like if you buy a Songkok to your sons, then you MUST also buy Songkok to your daughters or vice versa, Fair and Square! To them, fair mean MUST BE THE SAME – So if men got the power of Talaq in Islam, then is Women must be given the same! - this is my understanding of those SIS definition of ‘Fair’) Don’t you feel like this group somehow like representing somebody or some organization out there which always trying finding ways to condemn Islam? Well, to me, their voices are just the same!

Yes..Back to the question, where is my kakak kakak dalam Islam (SISTERS IN ISLAM) in this issue?? What is their stand about this issue? Are they only interested in lambasting our Ulamas’ and Islamic Scholars regarding of things that they feel not incordance to Islam (actually not in accordance to them) … Where are you all O Sisters??? Don’t you feel insulted? Or is it ok because Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is a Male Prophet..?? (To be ‘Fair’ if there were Male Prophets, there must’ve been FEMALE prophets as well – my own opinion based on SIS ‘definition’ on Fairness)

p/s: duhhhh....
Ibnu Hashim
I never thought that our own press media had also published the insulting caricature of prophet Muhammad s.a.w. As we were busy telling the world to get to know and to understand our religion better so that they will have respect to Islam, suddenly our Sarawak’s Newspaper also seemed need to be educated and make to understand Islam as well!

However it is, we all muslims must stand united. It’s a shame to us and a deviation to Islamic teachings and against the wish of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w for us to fell apart. He, in one of his hadith forbids us from not talking to our brothers for more than 3 days! We are obliged to follow his order!

There is a call nationwide and globally from various organizations and governments to ban Danish products. It is also include other European countries that support this blasphemy against Rasulullah. And for that, those who know what are the products to all these ‘allied’ countries please submit the list to the muslim consumer email below.

And also please observes and stop buying all of those products that are listed there at that muslim consumer website.

Please also send your protest to Danish Embassy regarding of this issue. Send your protest here : kulamb@um.dk

Do you know any Danish products? Please submit here for our reference: info@muslimconsumer.org

or email me at :

p/s: Yesterday I can’t blogged in here, later only to find out that blog.com had done some maintenance onto this server.
Ibnu Hashim
The Christian community in Gaza joined the Muslims protesting cartoon depicting of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. It appeared here that not all of us really in favor of total freedom of press/speech. Surely there are limitations to all things in this life.

Understanding each other and respect will make this world a better place to live. The example shown by the Gaza Christian community should open our eyes wider.

See Video here : Reuter.co.uk