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Regarding of the blog i made before regarding of Ban Danish Products, here is the updates from Muslimconsumer for our reference. Note that the red comment is on my own, the blue is the salient points i noted and the rest is from the original email from muslim consumer website:

Some Famous Denmark Brands and companies are following:

Famous Denmark Companies:

Famous Denmark Brands:

1) Chewing gum (???? ?????? ? ??????? ? ??????) :Gumlink Company under a lot of trade names such as:
Cadbury chocolate
Lion chocolate bar
Schweppes Beverage
7UP Beverage
Canada Dry Beverage
Snapple Juice
Fertin Pharma

2) Beef Meat: Danish Crown

3) Emulsifiers, stabilizers,flavorings, sweeteners: Danisco

4) Non alcoholic Beer: Carlsberg (Ada ker? Dengar nama Calsberg pun dah loya!)

5) One of the most infant formula brand in Malaysia ?
Dumex - is owned byInternational Nutrition Company (INC), Copenhagen, Denmark, a subsidiary of theEast Asiatic Company Limited (EAC) a Danish international group of businesseswith its offices in Singapore.
Dumex manufacturing for Singapore, Brunei,Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and ?Indochina? is concentrated in Malaysia, but its products are also marketed in some Middle Eastern countries, Africa,Europe.

Arla Foods Company is the biggest exporter of dairy products to Muslim countries, under trade names such as:

Danu Brand
Milex Brand
Puck Cheese
Three Cows Brand
Rosenborg Brand
Lurpak Butter

6) Medicine:
Novo Nordisk,

7) Electronics and Technology :
GN Store Nord,
Bang & Olufsen;
Nielsen &Nielsen,

8) Toys: The famous bard (Brand) LEGO

9) Porcelain, glass and silver Products: Royal Scandinavia

10) Lightings and lamps: Louis Poulsen

11) Agriculture: Cheminova

12) Hotel: Radisson SAS

In addition, to detect the products of Denmark, you should check the barcode on the product. The Barcode GSI prefix [first three numbers in barcode] for Denmark is as follows: 570-579 GS1 Denmark

For example the following barcode is of one of the product ofDenmark:
5 78016691670 [first three numbers 578 showing it is a product of Denmark].

Apart from the Danish products, Muslim Consumer Association would like to announce the boycott of the 5 other multinational companies.

These capitalistmonsters are currently being boycotted by many Muslim communities in Europe for their hostile attitude towards Islam and affiliation with the Zionists. They are:

1. Coca-Cola
2. Halls
3. St Micheal
4. Colgate
5. Caterpillar


Visit muslim Consumer website here
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