Ibnu Hashim
I'm a bit late in commenting on this latest incident which had raised anger all over the muslim world. They keep on giving false information on Islam and our beloved Prophet. But this is not so surprising me as before this, I've read a cartoon character depicting of Moses having problem bathing himself as the water 'rejects' him. We all know the history whereby Moses a.s. and his followers made their great escape thru the red sea ( when I said 'thru the red sea - i really mean it). But Moses is also regarded as one of their Prophets in their believes. If it is normal for them to make jokes on their own religion, then so be it... Remember Joe the Almighty?

I'm not saying that making fun of other Prophets is ok like the one they did on Moses a.s. That is what they believe according to their teaching and scriptures. To me, that "Moses" they claimed to be as the messenger of God in that cartoon is not the real Moses a.s. or Musa a.s. that was sent by Allah. 'That' Moses is their own version of Moses as what they believes.

But they got no rights to make joke (really?- I doubt it) on Muhammad s.a.w. (they don't accept him and his teachings). There is no such things of absolute freedom, there is always a limitation on everything in this world. This time a battle line was drawn between freedom of the press and respect for Islam.

"Freedom of opinion, expression and of the press -- which we guarantee and respect -- cannot be used as an excuse to insult sanctities, beliefs and religions." - President Mubarak, Egypt.
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