Ibnu Hashim
Still about the insulting incident of a caricature depicting Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., I wonder where is our WOMAN CHAMPION in Islam who always stands tall questioning various things and actions of Islamic affair here in Malaysia??? Are they too busy drafting the proposal to give the Power of talaq to women or they are just too busy to find ways to give ‘justice’ to women by giving a ‘fair’ share in Harta Pusaka? (Fair according to their head, say like if you buy a Songkok to your sons, then you MUST also buy Songkok to your daughters or vice versa, Fair and Square! To them, fair mean MUST BE THE SAME – So if men got the power of Talaq in Islam, then is Women must be given the same! - this is my understanding of those SIS definition of ‘Fair’) Don’t you feel like this group somehow like representing somebody or some organization out there which always trying finding ways to condemn Islam? Well, to me, their voices are just the same!

Yes..Back to the question, where is my kakak kakak dalam Islam (SISTERS IN ISLAM) in this issue?? What is their stand about this issue? Are they only interested in lambasting our Ulamas’ and Islamic Scholars regarding of things that they feel not incordance to Islam (actually not in accordance to them) … Where are you all O Sisters??? Don’t you feel insulted? Or is it ok because Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is a Male Prophet..?? (To be ‘Fair’ if there were Male Prophets, there must’ve been FEMALE prophets as well – my own opinion based on SIS ‘definition’ on Fairness)

p/s: duhhhh....
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