Ibnu Hashim
I never thought that our own press media had also published the insulting caricature of prophet Muhammad s.a.w. As we were busy telling the world to get to know and to understand our religion better so that they will have respect to Islam, suddenly our Sarawak’s Newspaper also seemed need to be educated and make to understand Islam as well!

However it is, we all muslims must stand united. It’s a shame to us and a deviation to Islamic teachings and against the wish of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w for us to fell apart. He, in one of his hadith forbids us from not talking to our brothers for more than 3 days! We are obliged to follow his order!

There is a call nationwide and globally from various organizations and governments to ban Danish products. It is also include other European countries that support this blasphemy against Rasulullah. And for that, those who know what are the products to all these ‘allied’ countries please submit the list to the muslim consumer email below.

And also please observes and stop buying all of those products that are listed there at that muslim consumer website.

Please also send your protest to Danish Embassy regarding of this issue. Send your protest here : kulamb@um.dk

Do you know any Danish products? Please submit here for our reference: info@muslimconsumer.org

or email me at :

p/s: Yesterday I can’t blogged in here, later only to find out that blog.com had done some maintenance onto this server.
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