Ibnu Hashim
What you guys think of this photo? Is it fake or real? Has anyone got any information on this? I got it months ago (that was then that this blog wasn't in existence yet ;P ).

It was said that this photo was taken somewhere in the middle east and it was believed that the skeletons belong to a member of Aad tribe which was known with their enormous size and strength. This photo was taken from a copter.

Is this the real Aad tribe whom feared most by the Bani Israel as what has been described in al-Hadith? But anyway, today's technologies can really mislead us into judging something that is not really there at all. I was told that the government (dunno which one) had banned local newspapers from covering the story. The site where they found this skeletal remain had been closed to public as well. Why'd they do that? What do they got to hide? Mmmm.... anybody know anything about this?
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