Ibnu Hashim
Looks like it'll never end! And now, it happens right under our nose..our own newspaper... The New Straits Times was reported to have posted a cartoon that is a mockery to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Pemuda PAS, NGOs like PPIM and other had lodged police report on this matter. Lets see how is this going to be handled by the government. The newspaper belongs to them, Islam Hadhari team... Sarawak Tribune was suspended (finally was closed on their own will) and Guang Ming (Chinese Press) was also suspended...and Now...The New Straits Times, their own newspaper!
I tried to check on our online national dailies including Harian Metro but i couldn't find any column reporting this issue.. are they now turned Mute?

What should we do now? It's a shame to us since we have been complaining to the Danish embassy thru emails saying this and that and suddenly, Our OWN local newspaper, OWNED by the government, did the same thing..only this time..a mockery of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

However, i found the stories here and here
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