Ibnu Hashim
Dato’ Rais Yatim in today’s Newspaper said that “penutupan penerbitan akhbar Utusan Melayu Mingguan seharusnya dipandang sebagai satu kematian kepada warisan bangsa kerana tulisan jawi adalah satu pusaka warisan bangsa yang telah menjadi skrip rasmi dan lidah Melayu selama lebih 600 tahun “ (Read more..)

This remark was made by him in conjunction with the termination of Utusan Melayu Mingguan last weekend (Jawi Newspaper). – Jawi is malay’s alphabets derived from Arabic Alphabets with few additional alphabets- Malay version – Jawi.

Well, I just wanna say that it is indeed true what Tun Mahathir Mohamad had said about Malay, he said “Melayu Mudah Lupa” or Malay easily forgets!!

I wonder if he forgotten who had abolished Jawi Subject out from our School Syllabus? It was them who took it out and make the Malays ‘not so well’ with Jawi (Lucky we can still read it because we learn to read Al-Qur’an which is in Arabic). How can we really ‘feel’ the importance of Jawi if we don’t even know how to read it properly? As for me, though I can read the Qur’an. But Jawi is not that easy for me to read. I do remember learning the Jawi alphabets back then in school but I just managed to learn it only a year when I was at standard 6. Then there was no more Jawi classes being taught at School.

It’s about time that Ministry of Education to reintroduce this subject to schools. It must be added as one of the syllabus to all Government School to ensure the survival of Jawi. So when more people can read Jawi, more people will buy Jawi’s written Newspaper, ie Utusan Melayu.

Alas! I do worry bout this matter!
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