Ibnu Hashim
Well...today is Saturday and it's 4th of February...Looks like the alleged virus attack didn't take place at all. Was it a false alarm or was it because the virus has been neutralized? I was told that this virus will attack on every 3rd day of every month at 12 am.

How ever, one thing that I'm still puzzled, what is the name of this virus? Is it KAMA SUTRA or MY WIFE or TEAREC or Nyxem or else?

As for me, my computer is working quite ok and normal I don;t know about you guys out there. Did you guys got this kind of message = "DATA Error [47 0F 94 93 F4 K5]." If you did...more likely you're under attack!!! Bang! Bang!!

p/s: Duhhhh...they call it WORM lah..not virus.. erk!
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