Ibnu Hashim
My Father in Law had passed away peacefully last Sunday afternoon and was burried later at midnite. He died just about less than 30 minutes from the time he was brought home from the hospital. I was there at the hospital and rushed back home to prepare things at home the moment they decided to bring him home. Then at home, i went to the Surau for Zohor prayer and when I got back home, he was there already, lying on the mattress that was prepared by my wife previously, surrounded by his children, grand children and family members. I just sat nearby there and watched he died peacefully...

He was then brought back to Kemuning in Malacca on that night and was then laid to rest at about almost 2 am.

On that Saturday morning, me and my family was already headed back to our home (we already there for a week) and upon reaching Rawang area, my bro in law call telling me of his condition nothing new actually, his situation remain the same but I just got the hunch that this is not good! Earlier i planned to leave my wife and kids behind but she refused. I wanted to get back home only with my elder dauhgter and son but she insisted to follow...Later that nite, we returned to Ipoh, sent her and kids to my in law house and I headed to my mum's. That nite at midnite, on my way to my mum's house, I visited him again at the hospital reciting the Surah Yassin and whispering softly to his ear the kalimah Tauhid...alhamdulillah that later my in laws followed me...I managed to seek for his forgiveness for me and my wife and kids...I believed he did listen to me as when i recited the verse, his heart beat was fast and few minutes after i finished the verse, the heart beat was normal again...(I put my hand on his chest..rubbing softly)

I felt as though that my father was lying there and not my father in law..he was there in the same hospital and i believed my father had stayed there at ward 7b too....the memory was so fresh that i felt just like yesterday that i was there with him (my father)..My father passed away on 2nd August 1991...i was not with him at that moment as I was in ITM...

Just as a matter of time that I to follow them...Death is a gateway to the 'real' world...hereafter..

O Allah...please forgive me and my parents... O Allah..please help me to worship you in the best of manner...O Allah..please forgive me and my parents... O Allah..please forgive us all...
Ibnu Hashim
I got this joke and just wanna share..

A young man was driving up a steep, winding and narrow mountain road. Going round a tight corner, he notices a woman driver who is coming in the opposite direction begin to lean out of her window.

As they pass each other she yells at him - "PIG!!!!" The man immediately leans out of his window and screams back at her, "WITCH!!!"

Each continues on their way, and as the man rounds the next bend he crashes into a pig, right in the middle of the road...

If only men would listen.
Ibnu Hashim
It has been quite some time since I last wrote in here. Been busy with things in life. Just got back from hometown, in law is in grave sick..guess tonite have to go back to my hometown as his condition is worsen. I had a week off and i have to take another i guess..my kids will be missing their classes...

When I was away, I read a column saying that there was (is) a survey by a body..a government body, asking people the 'appropriate' punishment in law would be for a rapist!!!...

Raping is a crime in Islam whereby Allah has already mentioned in the Qur'an how to deal with rapist or other sexual crimes. There is NO other Choice for us to choose! We must Obey it!

Is it wise when Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w. have decided on a particular matters that you have other options? As a Muslim... just ' I Hear and I Obey!'
Ibnu Hashim
In today's Berita Harian, Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan, Dato' ZulHasnan Rafique has said that the government is going to set up a slaughterhouse to accomodate a proper facility that will minimized the risk of spreading the harmful H5N1 virus. The Abattoir estimated cost is at RM20M.

Well, I really support this action as to what I've mentioned before in previous posting that we should have our own slaughterhouse rather than relying on Non-Muslims. I was also mentioned before that our Muslims Corporates should contribute and look into this matter and invested a small portion of their wealth for slaughterhouse for the benefit of Ummah. Though what was mentioned in that article just because to minimize the risk of harmful viruses and not because of fullfilling the need to cater Halal food because of Allah but I'm sure the Menteri also intended to do so in the course of Allah. Alhamdulillah...!!