Ibnu Hashim
As to date..no news i found in most of the local mainstream newspapers about the previous blog - "And now...what are we going to say..or do? " (Not so sure bout Tv's). Is this company untouchable? It is about our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. It's about the most perfect being, the messenger of Allah..a rasulullah... Everyday we (muslims) say his name in our prayers... Why is it YOU keep silent about it?? Hadhari kah begini? NST lebih utama dari maruah Rasulullah??
Then what is the manifestation of your 'quick' action on Sarawak Tribune and Guang Ming? Just to win votes????

Sesungguhnya Allah berselawat ke atas NabiNya..Wahai orang orang yang beriman, berselawatlah kamu ke atas Nabi mu, dengan ucapan salam selawat yang sempurna... ya rasulullah....

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