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SmallVille..yeah, a famous tv series now being screened on every Sunday nite at TV3. What I'm going to write tonite is not the snapshot of the series...but just 'something' of that tv series that got something to do with my previous life as a student... read on..

I studied in ITM (now UITM) in 1989 - 1991..I joined the Reserve Officers Training Unit aka ROTU.. Lots of things happened...i mean LOTS LOTS LOTS things happened during the three years time...ehehehe..and that lots lots lots things, mostly were of the good one laaa... ;)

When I was at the intermediate rank, there was a rumour of 'orang minyak' stalking on the female students. They were terrified and most of them stayed in the hostel at nite. It was so quiet at nite as everybody was scared (the girls). To add worst, it was the final's season! EXAM!!

To cut short, we ROTU took the responsibility to work together with the ITM's security personnels to stand guard the Girl hostels at nite. They were lacking of man power, I took together with me my pocket knife that was given to me by my father and also my notes! I'm not trying to tell the whole story or the whole experience that we all gone thru those scary nites. Just one thing that is related to the subject matter today...yeap! Smallville!

On one nite, it was me and two others were guarding the Chempaka Hostels, if not mistaken it was almost dawn..we were tired (we were running around that nite because the orang minyak attack) we sat back to back with each other at the corridor. Everyone kept our eyes opened on one direction. By sitting in this position gave us a 360 degree surveilence..But finally it was only me that still awoke. Both of them fell asleep, but I have to admit that that nite my eyes were too heavy and it was really hard for me to stay awake.

I was left alone to fight with my sleepiness...suddenly, I saw a silhouette of a man, a naked man and he was seen as though was just about to start to run. I saw his movements with my own eyes and he was about 10 meter away from the place we were, on his third steps, he was just whooossh!!! Gone! So fast and dissapeared...Just like CLARK KENT in SMALLVILLE!!!

No kidding...This is my real experience..and I really did see it with my own eyes!! Just one thing for sure, that guy (or Jin) I'm surely confident that he was not from Krypton!!
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